Monday, October 6, 2014

reversible, 20" x 20" pillow cover
Fall colors
made from
...scraps from pumpkins, 
my daughters Fall wedding decor, 
my ever growing fabric scraps...

Today is gloomy and this pillow cover 
did not photograph as well as it should have.

Looks good in my rocking chair.
 Can be found here
~ ~ ~
You would never know from this photo
 that my house is in turmoil.
We have removed the inefficient fireplace and
are in the process of installing a
475 lb. wood burning stove.
That behemoth is sitting within inches of 
this rocker. 
Today I taped and mudded the drywall in the corner 
where the wood stove will eventually sit, 
even before going into my sewing room 
to quilt this pillow cover.
My dining room is currently housing a Gammill quilting machine 
waiting to be put together and set up.
To get thru all the mess in my house I rely on 
sewing as my therapy. 
As you can see by recent posts 
I am having lots of "therapy".

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