Thursday, October 16, 2014

I must say the quilted pillow cover from the previous post, 
has sold.
So has one of the kaleidoscope/star table runner.

I have been working on and finished a framed square nap quilt that will be photographed and listed in the shop hopefully tomorrow.  Be sure to take a look. Once that was washed and dried I started on a tumbling block table runner out of homespun fabrics.  May have that done and in the shop as well tomorrow.  While looking for work I am sewing up a storm to keep my mind from becoming overwhelmed

The wood burning stove has yet to be set.  The slate tile floor is just about done.  The pieces that needed to be cut were done this evening and they will be set tomorrow.  Then we can install the wood stove. I am really liking how they look like one large stone area since I decided not to grout between the tile.  When the stove is set I'm sure I will be posting photos and showing detail.  So glad we are having warmer temps again.  

Then on to the next project.  The Gammill quilter will be set up and training will be scheduled.  I am looking forward to learning how to use this machine that is still sitting in pieces in my dining room. 

Again, one project at a time.  

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