Saturday, October 25, 2014

Life has been an adventure the past 2 months.  My "day job" was eliminated back in August so to survive that stress and the stress of looking for work. I have been sewing.  Then I had another knee surgery. During this time my wood stove was delivered and sat in the front of the living room for some time. A Gammill long arm quilter has been sitting in parts in my dining room since the beginning of September. Still sewing for "therapy".  The wood stove finally got moved, still waiting for the chimney to be attached. That left room in the living room for the quilter to be set up. That project got started this past Friday and should be finished next week.  Here are photos of what my living room now looks like with the behemoth set up. Mind you this is an 8 ft. frame.  They come as long as 14 ft.; but for now I am happy with the 8 ft. frame. 

I do have room for this machine to stay in the living room, at least during the winter.  I may in time move it and convert the dining room into a quilting room and move the dining room furniture to the front of the living room. The frame has casters to move it easily from living to dining room when I am ready. No rush to move it yet. I am eager to learn how to use this machine and make quilting my quilts easier and hopefully take less time.  

I will be sure to take photos of projects on the machine and document my learning process. Just wanted to share the progress around here. 

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