Sunday, January 16, 2011


Like everyone else I've been busy, but not with much sewing. I tend to go in spurts and was hoping to get some quilts done this winter and so far this is the only one that I've finished. Several more tops/backs are done just not put together to quilt. For some reason I'm not too pressured this year. Maybe it was all the pumpkins I stitched/stuffed and sold this Fall (next year I'll start earlier on these, stay tuned). Here are some of the things I've enjoyed making.

I've found a way to use up some of my scraps.
It's fun and turned out nice.
I'm currently making 2 kaleidoscope pillow covers.

Here's the back of the quilt.

This is one of several banners I made from a well loved cutter quilt.
I was also able to get 3 pillow covers from this quilt.

A Fall show at Bakers Creek Seed near Mansfield, Missouri.

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