Thursday, March 11, 2010

green acres

is the place to be...........

My son, would be proud of me when I, the city girl, entered the chicken coop with the new rooster with HUGE spurs to retreive my very first eggs. You see, my son "e" has ventured into raising chickens. As long as we get farm fresh eggs I'm okay with it. As "e" is getting closer to leaving for his x-country bicycle trip I'm going to have to get used to gathering my own eggs, I think I can do that; especially with my newly thrifted red Bass rubber clogs and my vintage egg gathering basket.

Friday, March 5, 2010

my newest projects.........

After finishing several quilt projects and
before starting a couple more I decided to focus on a couple smaller projects,
and here's what I came up with....
.....zippered pillow covers.

Don't know about you, but I've found the small
12 x 12 or 14x14 toss pillows
are not comfortable for taking naps on.
My family naps on the couch
and these zippered covers fit
a 20x26 standard bed pillow.
Making them comfortable AND easily washed.
This floral print is from a scrap that I found
while thrifting in Chicago last June.
The brown batik-type print was from a
table cloth also found in Chicago.
The golden tan checkered back is from
new quilt weight fabric
I found on sale.
The zippers are thrifted
and are found on the side,
making them easy to remove
while not being obvious.

They are currently listed in my etsy shop