Sunday, September 23, 2012


I sit here enjoying this beautiful, cool, Fall morning with my cup of coffee in hand, pumpkin coffee no less.  Listening to the classical music (Legends of the Fall/ #2 The Ludlows) that my daughter used as her wedding march last October, I reflect. As I looked at the CD case I see the word "Fall" and think for the first time Fall my favorite season, which is not the reason this soundtrack is my all time favorite. There is a personal connection to this music as it got me thru many, many long emotional drives/trips years ago.  Then the darkness lifted that surrounded this music when my daughter and I were talking about her wedding plans and I asked what song were they using and she said I had the music.  She dug thru my stack of CD's and when she played this piece I cried, as usual, and told her that I would be bawling at her wedding and everyone would be thinking I was unhappy.  I listened to this music as my fathers life was represents a new beginning...a marriage.  To help me see this song in a new light I played it over and over and over while I was sewing her wedding dress.  It worked, I didn't cry at her wedding.  She got married in the Fall, how wonderful that was for me to be celebrating a new beginning in what I see as a new beginning season.  Most people see Spring as a new beginning, I don't.  Fall is my beginning, crisp cool weather, bright leaves, the sun shining brightly and not sweltering hot.  Nesting for the winter.  Growing the wood pile, gathering the kindling and yes starting the fireplace for the first time of the season a bit too early and having to open all the doors and windows to keep from melting.  Now that my pumpkin "harvest" is winding down I'll start cleaning up all the bits and pieces of shades of orange and shades of white fabrics in my sewing room. Lint rolling all the fiberfil fuzz off the navy sofa, and everywhere else, and storing what pumpkins that don't sell...for next year.  I'm already thinking what fabrics I would like to have for next years harvest.  I use the time I spend cleaning and reorganizing my sewing room to think about new projects.  

Quilts........I have so many quilt ideas that I'd like to get done this year.  Last years wedding didn't allow for the pumpkin making and quilt making as usual.  Cutting, piecing, quilting is so theraputic for me.  I have a day job, to pay the bills, and then come home to sewing.  In the Fall and Winter I get the fireplace started as soon as I walk in the door, then check on the chickens, let the dog run and settle in for the evening stoking the fire and sewing. After the wedding last year I spent time making my daughter and son-in-law a "nap set" which is a nap sized quilt (aprox 6'x4') with a bed pillow size quilted cover, made from the leftover brown dotted fabric used for her (28+) table coverings and she didn't realize the extra coordinating fabrics I bought for the cloth napkins was going to be used in a quilt. She should know by now I have ideas for all my fabric. I have about 20+ table cloths left and plan to use the brown along with blues to make nap quilts for my two sons.  Got to clean then I can start the new projects.  I'll be sure to be sipping on my pumpkin coffee while cleaning. Here's what her nap quilt set looks like.  My quilts and pillow covers are always reversible.  Just wished the dark brown photographed better.  I may go back in and edit those pics.  The set was so rich and warm, that these photos don't do them justice.  

I'll add that project to my list.     

Saturday, September 22, 2012

last of the pumpkins are being harvested....

Here are the last of the "shades of white"
Don't they look great?

What fun to combine the chenille with these?
They are now in the shop .

Monday, September 17, 2012

afternoon tea / shades of white

Here are recent photos of the variety of 
vintage, tea stained chenille
Can you believe that every one of the
have been sold??
To only 2 customers at that.

 Below is how they all started out.
Vintage chenille bedspreads -
dingy white, butter cream yellow.
Then I tea stained 2 pieces.
The chenille in the center is 
a bright crisp white, it still
looks good with the "afternoon tea" 
I've got more cut out and will be 
stitching them up this week and 
adding to the shop .