Saturday, July 27, 2013

wow........2 posts in 1 day.
After seeing that beautiful orange M&M I made 
the time to dye several chenille bedspreads today 
in several shades of orange.
Once out of the dryer, folded 
and stacked next to the woven fabrics that will soon be pumpkins
I just had to take photos. 
2013 pumpkin harvest.......

You also see a couple pieces of tea stained chenille from last year.
There will be more..........

NOTE:: The chenille spreads I use in my pumpkin making are what are called cutter or so well loved that they are no longer usable as bed spreads because of the stains and/or rips.  I do have several of those good ones that will not be cut until they've had many years of use. 

the quilt is in the shop.

Sewing is my de-stressor and
M&M's....of course.
How cute to have found a heart shaped
pumpkin orange M&M in the bag. 
That leads me to this years
pUmPkin harvest which will start soon.
Keep an eye out in the shop for them.

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Decided to do straight line quilting on this strip quilt and
as usual did some research online for the best
technique since this is the biggest quilt I've 
done so far.

Plan hope to have the quilting finished today.
Would like to have the binding stitched on as well
so I can sit this evening and hand stitch the finish
while watching mindless tv.

Plan to have in the shop by the weekend.
That is if this rainy gloomy weather allows
me to take descent photos.

Then on to 2014 pumpkin harvest.
Lot's of chenille pumpkins and new prints this year.

Sunday, July 21, 2013

new quilt soon to be in the shop
it's the largest of my
nap quilts...

taking scraps from past projects 
I'm putting together this
strip quilt.

 There are currently 3 columns of strips.
The finished top will have 5 columns and 
measure approx. 60" x 75".

the back will be my usual
large block design.

Saturday, July 20, 2013