Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Mady's quilt....."It's pink"

I haven't posted to my blog in a while.  I've been busy with life, work and trying to catch up with sewing projects.  During the summer I don't sew that many quilts or do much sewing of any kind.  Yard work seems to keep me busy. I did make more bow ties and pumpkins that were listed in my shop. 

Now that cooler weather is here I can spend more time sewing some of the custom quilt orders I have waiting and begging for my attention.

Here's the last quilt I made, it was for a dear friend.  It is a memory quilt made with Madison's clothing.  Madison was not even two years old when she lost her battle with a brain tumor. I made two memory quilts, one for Mady's mother Rachel and one for her grandmother, Teresa ... my dear friend. This quilt turned out so nice, just the right size for a nap, 71" x 55".  A nose to toes quilt. Just right for those naps on cold winter days.  

A funny story about this quilt.  I had it hanging on my shelves in my sewing room waiting to stitch on the binding.  I asked my son to step in and take a look at Teresa's quilt.  He walked into the sewing room, sat down on my chair, looked at the quilt and said, "It's pink", in a serious tone. I had to remind him it is "Mady's quilt" made with Mady's clothing for Teresa.  The whole idea behind a memory quilt is to evoke memories, and well pink will remind Teresa of the sweetness of her little Madison. 

I have 3 more memory quilt orders; one from a group of elementary school teachers wanting a memory quilt made with t-shirts from years of school events as a gift for a retiring teacher.  Two more memory quilts for a customer who has all of his high school coaching shirts that he wants made up into lap/nap size quilts.  I think I will be busy this winter keeping the wood stove stoked and sewing/quilting. My plan is to gather photos of current and past memory quilts to post listing in my Etsy shop and my website for custom memory quilts.

I had to share Mady's quilt........."It's pink".