Friday, July 29, 2016

Memory quilt ..... my days at UCLA

I'm finally hitting the point in my sewing/quilting where I feel I may reach my long time goal of "sewing for a living" sometime before I retire.....:)  After having made a t-shirt quilt for a local customer and receiving much attention and praise I have been receiving custom orders for more quilts from customers all over the country.  Personally I never thought I would enjoy custom orders. They can be quite unnerving, never knowing how to price for your time/materials,  unsure if the customer will happy with the end results and a load of insecurities that hit when cutting up special, memory loaded t-shirts and clothing.  I am hitting my stride. Finding a routine. Enjoying my simple dream of sewing for a living.

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This particular quilt started with 11 very rough cut t-shirts and a pillow cover.  mmmmmmhhhh how am I going to use 12 pre-cut squares and turn them into a nap quilt that will please the customer?  It turned out better than I had imagined. The customer is "WOWed". This weekend I will be making a 2nd quilt for her using t-shirts from her childhood. Look for that posting next week.    


Alison said...

This looks awesome! I especially like it because I, too, wear the wine and silver blue! Ring Ching!

simple :: dream :: quilts said...

Thank you Alison.