Wednesday, March 4, 2015

indigo + oatmeal

I've been hording indigo, batik and coordinating fabrics for YEARS. With a recent purchase of a coordinating indigo/browns/cream print I decided to finally cut into my stash. It took several days to decide on what pattern to use.  I decided to go with my favorite pattern to start with. There is enough fabric left that you will see these prints in several quilts. I will have to keep one for myself. Next quilt is a HST pattern that I am eager to start using these fabrics.

While sewing any quilt my mind works on a name and indigo + oatmeal was perfect for this quilt.  Lot's of indigo, oatmeal colored onasburg muslin for the sashing, the brown is chocolate chips....of course.

Winter is still roaring here in the Ozarks.  We have had snow, ice, winter on the ground since February 16th and we are in the thows of a winter storm today.  It's lovely to have a part-time job that I can pick my days to work and days to hunker down, stay home and sew. I have been sewing this top the past several evenings or #whiletheworldsleeps is a better description of my sewing time.  

Had plans to step outside to hang this quilt top on the laundry line (photo studio) today to get the full impact of its beauty. Not going out now on the icy deck just to take photos.  Here is the quilt top folded 1/4 the size on the floor by the back deck door.  The ONLY place in the house with any measurable light.  Not even noon and I have to turn on lights in the house to keep the gloominess at bay. 

The sleet is accumulating with a forecast of several inches of snow on top of that.  So glad to have firewood brought in, groceries bought and projects to keep the mind and hands busy. Let's hope the ice/snow doesn't cause a power outage.  Would like to get the back sewn today along with loading it on the longarm quilter.  

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