Thursday, January 15, 2015

too many WIP's

I keep a calendar of things I need to get done, chores, appointments, sewing, quilting, projects, etc. The daily to-do list keeps growing. I jotted down 3 more things last night to add to today's lineup and there is no more room............ugh.  Then I prioritize and move, click and drag, some items to the next day or week. This process is better for me, paper lists get too messy with the scribbles and post-it notes are too much. An online calendar is the best method of organization for me. That is until I see that my quilting WIP's are overtaking my day. I've found that I am in several stages of completion on several projects; framed squares waiting to be made into a couple of quilt tops, two rolls of binding ready to be used on quilts waiting to be made, my new found project of making pieced quilt bags, quilt labels and more projects not found in the photos below.  It's good that I find sewing as my therapy or I would be stressed from all the WIP's waiting to be completed.  Oh, housework, let's not even go there :).

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needle and thread Thursday

all this WIP will become.....

...more framed square quilts...

...and quilt bags.

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Karen - Quilts...etc. said...

I love this pattern for a quilt - I need to start to make more of them like this - easy and stress free! Like your idea of a bag for a quilt.