Tuesday, February 11, 2014


...what is it??

Here is the foot stool that we have sitting in front of our fireplace.     It is the perfect height to sit on while loading wood into the fireplace or stirring the fire, keeps you from that awkward bend, or stooping while balancing a piece of wood in your hand.  I've had it for years and between children and puppies I've recovered it several times, not often enough.  

I've taken the time to have my son reinforce it's wobbly legs.  
No more wobble!!  Plus, I decided this time to add more cushion wrapped in batting, wrapped in muslin and stapled into place. 
The final touch was a slip cover made from thrifted blue jean legs.

To keep it in place I added twill tape to tie underneath.
I may even make covers of  burlap, homespun, quilted.....
For now I'm enjoying that it is FINALLY covered. 

~ ~ ~

While working on this project I came across a pouf pattern 
and would like to make one from the rest of the blue jean legs.
Let's see how long that will take................

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