Saturday, November 17, 2012


echo::home goods



beautiful sunny morning in the Ozarks
sitting in the rocker by the sunny window
still enjoying my pumpkin coffee 
(I have a stash of pumpkin coffee)
hand stitching binding on 4 new echo:: home goods quilts
noticed how the sun made the quilts glow
listening to 
The Civil Wars - Barton Hollow
beautiful music to sew by

 decided to take

with the sun shining the living room looks bright
the sun was warm
the fireplace was warmer

notice the sunny glow
the crate behind the rocker holds several 
grandma Lena quilts
that I inherited
my inspiration

here are 4 scrappy linen echo:: home good quilts
I'll be listing them in the shop as a quilt/bunting set
the buntings were cut from vintage, thrifted bed linens
there were enough scraps from making buntings
that I decided to make several 32" square...
baby quilts
shabby chic table toppers
lap quilts

these photos were taken before the quilts were
wash and dried
they will soon be listed in my shop .

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