Sunday, August 12, 2012

pUmPkInS - some of this year's crop

Be on the lookout for this year's crop of pUmPkIns.
Here is a preview......

The colors are ripe.
This may just be the first harvest.
There may be other colors
in a 2nd harvest.

Above is a pan full of stems.
That's about half of what I've made.
Stems are made with remnants of
fabrics that many times are too 
small or odd shape cut to piece
into a they echo down
to pUmPkIn stems. 

Can't you tell I'm enamored 
with these stems?

Here they are all laid out
ready to be sewn with
the stems chosen to
highlight the pUmPkIn color.

see the chenille peaking out
in the upper right corner?
I have a special order for several
shades of white chenille pUmPkIns.
I just may be able to harvest 
more of those for the shop

Here are my 2 favorite patterns.
The muddy orange on the left was a remnant.
I am only going to be able to harvest a
limited number of those and will be
keeping several for myself.
The paisley....
that is an awesome print and there 
will be a larger harvest of those pUmPkIns.
Again, I will be keeping several of those.
In fact I may just go back and purchase 
more yardage of that print. 

Hope you liked the preview.
Keep watch on the shop
as they are harvested
and ready to go to a good home, 
whether it be yours
or a friend home.

I have a Fall trip planned back to Chicago to visit a dear friend while getting my fill of thrifting. I will also be traveling west of Chicago to visit another dear friend and enjoy the best country fair I have ever been to.  I will be packaging up hostess gifts from this years harvest to grace their homes as a thank you for the wonderful time I always have enjoying their company. Do you have friends that you feel as close to as your own family? Why not put together a gift of my pUmPkIns to add charm to their homes as well?  I plan to list sets of pUmPkIns in the shop this year to make it easier for you to do just that.

Fall is in the air.  Our 100 degree temps have subsided and my sister and I sat out in the field in front of my house late last night looking up at the sky watching the awesome meteor shower while listening to classical music wafting from the house and sipping herbal tea. It was even cool enough to grab afgans and wrap up in. soups...leaves... mums...pumpkins... favorite time of year. 

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