Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Country Living - Women Entrepreneurs 2009 Event in Chicago

It's sooo awesome that I am going to be part of the "Pitch your Product" at this years Country Living event in Chicago. What makes it more exciting is that I will be staying with friends before and after the event. I plan on "pitching" my Echo quilt(s) and tote bags, which means that I really have to get going on making a couple more items to bring with me. We have 5 minutes, 3 minutes to "pitch" with 2 minutes for questions. I have already been working on my pitch. A lot can be said in 3 minutes and I hope to make the most of it. I'll keep you posted.
If you've got any ideas and/or suggestions, please let me know.


Jill F Miller said...

Best of luck to you with pitching your product! Im contemplating attending and decided to do a little research before I smack down $125. Have you been before?


Simple Dreams said...

Hi Jill,
I've never been, but I've googled and found several posting which makes it seem like fun. I'll be staying with friends while in Chicago, so that makes the cost of the event worth it for me. I've also met with a Small Business Advisor (SBA) and he said that it was a good investment for networking and if I could get a "Pitch Your Product" spot, which I did that could possibly be the jumpstart of my business. I've had postcards made up, by a girl that I also work with, that I will be taking with me to pass out and leave with the proprietors of all the shops that I used to sew for when I lived in Illinois. Maybe this will boost my business to a more professional and higher level.

A friend of mine, one that I will be staying with also bought a ticket, she is wanting to get ideas for increasing her income and thought what better way then to go to an event with 600+ women entrepreneurs.

Keep checking my blog as I plan to have lot's to update and pictures afterward.