Sunday, March 1, 2009

can't see the....forest....for the tree

I've recently met with a SBA (Small Business Advisor) to get advice on how to "grow" my business, ie,

He suggested that I think about what I really enjoy making and focus on marketing that........ I've been working on a lap quilt. With some the fabric I have stashed over the 30+ years. I am incorporating some of my stashed homespun, cottons, thrifted and occassionally a new print.

The pieced back didn't turn out with true colors...browns and greens. It kind of washed out.

The pics of the front looks pretty true to color. I actually have been enjoying quilting it today. I would like to learn free motion quilting, stippling, for future projects, but didn't want to try it out on this nice quilt. I plan to add more photos of the quilting soon.

Keep on the lookout for the finished project in my Etsy shop - -

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