Wednesday, March 16, 2011

more kaleidoscope on it's way...........

I've been working on a nap sized quilt based on the
above design and hope to get it finished
this weekend and posted in the shop.

...also, 2 more kaleidoscope 20x20 zippered pillow covers.
The fronts are based on the same pattern
strips as these below, with some
different fabrics ......
the backs are based on the quilt back (above).
I had enough of this left over

from the color range quilt back
that I pieced up backs for the pillows.

this weekend for the shop update.

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Jeff's quilt

Last Fall when my Mom came over for coffee one day she brought an old pair of my brothers jeans and said "here you might do something with these". The "do something" is usually adding them to my stack(s) of jeans, for a project I'll get to later. This time I immediately had in mind a quilt for my brother based on past quilt designs I've sold in my shop. I cut up the jeans into 5" squares and since I have several boxes of pre-cut 5" squares and 2" strips the top was quickly put together. The back was from some plaid yardage and a blue men's shirt I recycled, plus a few framed squares left over from the front. Needless to say the completed top and back of this nap sized quilt sat around until a couple weeks ago when after getting the creative juices flowing again from making several quilted items I got the thing quilted. While sitting in front of the fire and watching tv last weekend I got the binding attached. Viola.....quilt done....not quite. Between work and family it took the rest of the week to get the belt loop stitched on and the tag personalized. At a family dinner at Mom's yesterday I gave my brother his quilt. He was surprised and so pleased....he hugged me....that's a big thing because my brother is not a hugger. As I watched my 2 sisters and Mom react I won't be surprised if they hand me some of their old jeans "to do something with".................

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Featured on Etsy's Daily Finds 3/9/11

Kaleidoscope quilted reversible pillow cover - 20x20......
Featured in Etsy's Daily Finds email 3/9/11.
Found using the search term...Farm

home on the (color) range

Here are photos of my newest quilt........color range.

Here's the backside of the quilt.
Plaids, checks all work so well together
in this quilt.

I couldn't get a better photo of the front side.
But you can still see the gradiant color range.
It's just been posted in my shop.
Check it out.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

more kaleidoscope

Here are a couple 20 x 20 pillow covers
that I've recently listed in my shop.