2009 quilts

This baby quilt was brought to Country Living 
Women's Entrepreneur even  along with several 
other quilts.
Here's me holding one of the quilts.

The quilt below was put together and brought to the 
Country Living Magazine Women Entrpreneurs
event in Chicago in 2009 where I "pitched my product"
which was memory quilts.
I ended up making about 6 or 7 quilts based on this 
design with the tree branches used as family trees.
Those photos will be added soon.

echo quilt - 6...forest... RESERVED until  5\/15... for Loop

SPECIAL LISTING FOR - - justjules73

SPECIAL LISTING for JustJules73 - - echo quilt - 12 - forest

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This baby girl quilt was made from fabric that a friend had bought 
to make kitchen curtains for a home she once lived in.  Since she
never got around to making the curtains and had long since moved
she gave the fabric to me, "to do something with".  One day while 
we were together I came across a "pink" printed cowboy shirt
that I cut up and added to this quilt.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

The "pink ribbon" quilt below was made as a 
special gift for a person close to me 
that was going thru breast cancer.
You can barely see the pink ribbon in the
lower right side.  The back was made with 
a soft "pink ribbon" print.

echo memory quilt--custom made to stir your memories

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This baby quilt was made with thrifted
vintage linens/sheets.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

this quilt front and back was made from
thrifted sheets/linens

SUPER SALE - echo quilt 12 - a rose is a rose

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some of the quilts I made this year

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